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Initial Evaluation

The evaluation is a comprehensive one-on-one session with the Doctor of Physical Therapy to establish your medical history, examination of the body, assess for functional limitations and abilities and establishing your plan of care to achieve your goals. Please be aware that although the goal is to always relieve your symptoms and improve your function, you may retain soreness as tissues are provoked to assess your limitations and understand your movement patterns.

Physical Therapy Treatment Session

One-on-one physical therapy treatment sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Providing treatment for post operative rehab, gait/balance, deconditioning, pre natal and post partum care and SI joint pain.

Sessions will include personalized corrective and preventative exercises, education on body mechanics, anatomy & physiology of dysfunction or impairment. Manual therapy services will be provided as appropriate and may include techniques such as myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and massage therapy.

Each session is 60 minutes with the physical therapist! No being passed off to an assistant or tech!

Physical Therapy Session
Practicing Yoga

Telehealth Treatment Session

Telehealth sessions will include virtual assessment and reassessment of functional limitations and restrictions and personalized corrective and preventative exercises in conjunction with your established plan of care. Please discuss with us if this is an appropriate option for you and your treatment plan! 

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