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  • What happens at the first visit?
    The first session is dedicated to learning about your medical history, understanding your needs, taking objective measures of your functional abilities and limitations, observing your movement patterns and working together to best determine the course of action we will take to reach your personal goals. If time permits, you will also receive treatment and the introduction to your personalized home exercise program to begin your journey to recovery. The session should be about 1 hour long.
  • What do I need to have or wear?
    Please have with you: -PT script from MD if applicable -any medical reports (xrays, MRI, blood work if necessary) Please wear: -comfortable loose clothing -athletic shoes
  • What is cash-based physical therapy?
    Cash-based physical therapy means that our practice is out of network with your insurance provider. It allows for the Physical Therapist to avoid restrictions that third party payers put onto treatments for the patient. In other words, the PT is in a direct contract with YOU, the patient to reach your goals to improve your quality of life.
  • What does "out of network" mean?
    Out of network means that the clinician, in this case, the Physical Therapist, has not entered into a contract with the insurance company to receive reimbursement. Each insurance company has their own contracted rates and regulations that vary across the board! Being in network or out of network does not equate to a difference in education, skill, experience or success with patients.
  • How do I submit for reimbursement from my insurance company?
    E3 PT and Wellness will provide you a receipt and an invoice at the time of treatment that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. The invoice will have all of the information needed such as your ICD-10 (diagnoses/treatment) and CPT (billing) codes that your insurance company will need to process the claims. Claims are able to be submitted after each visit, once a week, once a month or any interval of your choosing within the year of services rendered.
  • What about Medicare?
    Medicare is the only insurance that E3 PT and Wellness currently participates with and will be able to bill your insurance directly. The patient is responsible for the remaining balance of treatments that would typically be covered by the secondary insurance.
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